It’s early Friday morning. I’ve already spent an hour trying to develop a new character.  Outside the sky is overcast and there is a chill in the air. March 31st is bringing another 5 to 10 cm. of snow. Enough already. I’m looking at my back yard, with my pool buried beneath the snow, longing for summer to arrive. I should be working outside, enjoying the sun, but I will have to wait some more. A second cup of coffee is needed. I know I am procrastinating.

     Time to get back to work. Another hour to struggle over what color eyes to give Nelo, whether his nose will be straight, crooked or thin. What kind of partnership will he have with Elleanor? Will they work professionally, teasingly, antagonistically, together? And what of Miriam? The other member of the team is crucial in their investigations.  Elleanor Stone, the main character of my new series, is coming to life. This is not a pun. She has been alive since ancient Greece fell to the Romans. Members of her team have existed almost as long. And what of the man that arrives in New York? How will he affect Elleanor when she finally comes face to face with someone from her past? 
     I should stop and get back to work. Later, I will settle on my couch, curl up with the latest book I am reading  (The Templar Chronicles Vol 1-3 by Joseph Nassise), ignore the snowflakes outside my window, maybe have a glass of wine, and escape into the words of someone else. I will have a review of the book soon. For now, I wish you all a fantastic Friday. 

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