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The gods may have forgotten us, but what was set in motion millennia ago, continues to have repercussions for my heroine, Elleanor.


This statue of Neptune is situated in the Boboli Gardens,  midway between the Pitti Palace and the Belvedere Fort. Florence has become the setting for the Guardians of the Accords. The council governing the preternatural finds itself in chaos after the murder of one of their own. Why was young Eve killed? The answer to that may not be so easy to find, as Elleanor investigates the crime.

Insights and Musings

Can you guess the inspiration for the underground council headquarters? The grand archways and steep ceilings of this wondrous cathedral date back to 597 A.D.


This is where you will find Thaleia, the current head of the council, along with the members representing their preternatural races. There is turmoil presently. The vampires and werewolves are close to resuming their war. Come back to find out why.



Insights and Musings

So, picture yourself exiting the palace, out to the courtyard, and walking to the last archway on your right. No one is about, and even if they were, your crossing under the arch would go unnoticed. You would magically be transported hundreds of feet below the palace, where the Guardians of the Accords, the council members governing the preternatural races, could be found on most days. The spell guarding the passage causes an instant state of forgetfulness in any humans who may notice the disappearing. Once below…well that is for another day.
Come back to find out more.




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Wednesday, humpday, middle of the week. Deep into editing the third and final novel to The Crystal Series. My mind has turned to mush. I am too preoccupied with the next series of books I am developing to concentrate on what I need to finish now.  Does anyone else have this problem? Are you also one step ahead of yourself?
I need a third cup of coffee this cloudy, rainy day. It’s almost 10 am  and it looks like it’s only 6 in the morning. Maybe some yoga will wake me up. Maybe not. I should get back to editing. Any inspirational thoughts?

Give me some feedback and have a great Wednesday!!


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I’ve been busy with the third book of the series (Harmony – The Crystal Series). Going through edits while my brain is busy working on my next endeavor. The second book is with my editor and should be finished for a release date sometime in August this year. I’ve finished reading Chaos by Patricia Cornwell. It was a great read and gave me a chance to catch up with the great characters she has developed. I give the book a 4 out 5. Not sure what I will be reading next. Stay tuned.


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It is getting close to the end of the Crystal Series. Final editing on the third and last installment is going well. There is always something more to add.  I find myself wondering if I could have gone another way. In the end, the characters themselves drove the story. I let them guide me to the final outcome. I am somewhat sad to say good-bye to them. Knowing I have new characters to help grow and create lets me look forward to what lies ahead.
Yes, a new continuing series is in development. This one will be ongoing. The characters will get to live for quite a while. That’s why I am focusing on developing them fully before I start to write their stories. Based on mythology, paranormal and mysteries, this one will follow a lead character through the ages. From ancient Greece, to present day New York, my heroine will have finally accepted her fate. Working alongside her investigative team made up of a vampire and a faerie, she will use her powers to solve crimes committed by the paranormal elements in her adopted city. Only the arrival of a past love, one she believed dead centuries ago, will throw her.
Looking forward to more? Keep in contact for more news.

Have a great Tuesday!!!




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My cover design is done:

Cover design by: Cynthia Amato
Model: BestPhotoStudio (101868868)/
Editor: Jacqueline Snider

Coming January 2017



Insights and Musings





First draft of second book (Venture) finished. Editing on first book continues.

“Throughout the walk Aidan’s thoughts were focused on Alexa instead of his surroundings. Somehow this strange connection between them was getting stronger. His control was slipping with the growing feelings Alexa was bringing out of him. He recalled the panic that had overtaken him when she had disappeared. The warlock, Myrick, had touched her. The feeling of wanting to murder the man had almost blinded him with its intensity. Unbidden, the thought that no one but him could touch her paralyzed him for a few seconds. Only the expression of shock in Myrick’s face let Aidan know that somehow she had escaped. It had taken him longer than he wanted to make sure the warlock and his men could not follow before he left to search for her.

When he found her, the relief that had gone through him almost brought him to his knees. The feeling of her in his arms, the perfect way she fit against him, had amazed him. It had taken all the strength he possessed to let her go. Her nearness had almost made him forget where they were and that they needed to get to safety. It was only the arrival of Elron that had let him get back some control.

Even now, her nearness was affecting him. Her face radiated with pleasure as she took in her surroundings. Every now and then a soft sigh escaped her. He clenched his teeth, fighting the urge to take the few steps that separated them to take her hand. His whole body was tense with his fight to stay away from her. How was he going to get through this.”

Insights and Musings

Venture – Book 2 of The Crystal Series
There is something to be found within the walls of this ancient church to the Gods.


Insights and Musings



It’s been a long road to finishing my first book. For the first 9 months I was still full time employed and only had the weekends to work on my project.  I am happy to say that the book is now with my editor. Hopefully I will have it back soon. The release date is still up in the air. Depending on how quickly the edits get done, I am looking at end of September to publish.
The second book of the series is a third done. This one will not take as long to complete. I have nothing but free time to work on it now that I have retired. Woohoo!!!
I will let everyone know the date of release and where it will be sold here on my blog and on my website:
Elements – The Crystal Series coming soon!!!

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