Trip of a Lifetime

It took months to plan. Starting in September of 2010 the list of places we wanted to see grew exponentially. Our trip was to begin on June 4th, 2011 with our return scheduled for July 1st. A month to explore and discover the boot shaped nation. We settled on the six cities we most wanted to see, from which we could plan day trips to nearby sights. It was all coming together by January when we had to reserve our flights and hotel bookings.

Italy, Flag, Map, Country, Symbol

Finding the flights was the easy part. Hotels were another matter. We would be traveling to each city via train so the hotels needed to be near each station. That took some doing. Not knowing the locale, whether it was a safe neighborhood or not, the internet proved invaluable. By March 2011 the hotels and trains were booked.

Our first stop would be Venice. Excitement built as the day of departure drew near. We went through our lists of what we needed to bring with us, organized our itinerary and made sure our passports were still valid. Now all that remained was to board the plane.

I will be writing weekly, hoping to entertain and inform on our experiences throughout this once in a lifetime trip. Next week, Venice will inspire and amuse as I divulge a little tidbit about our first night in the canal city.

Until next time, a picture to start us off.




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