A Character With a Mind of Her Own

Just when I thought I knew the path my heroine would take, she did an about face and headed off in the other direction. What can I say but that I followed her? If I was to gain insight into her journey, I had to let her discover herself, come to her own realizations. Somewhere out there, whether I guided her or not, she had to develop her own sense of being.

Her back story was all drawn out. All that remained was her present to be hashed out. The characters which would interact with her were all coming alive. Only the man from her past needed to be placed in her path. Was it too soon in the storyline? Should I take more time before having them run into each other again?

He held back. Somehow he knew the anticipation would work to his advantage. While she struggled to comprehend the death of one so young, to solve the puzzle, he worked the same case from a different angle.

Their paths would cross. They would have to work together at some point. The murder of young Eve involved more than what they were aware of. The perpetrator had an agenda, far beyond the simple motives of jealousy, greed, and revenge. He was out to rule over all them.

For now, she steadfastly follows the clues, unaware she is about to receive the biggest shock of her long lived life. Should I have them meet now? His reaction to her may not be what she expects. Hurt and angered from her past misdeeds, he will not allow her to play with his emotions again. Will he be able to put aside his animosity? Is the fate of their world already decided? I will have to think on that.

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