Where does one find the time? How do I get going…

I’ve been attempting to write. Between all the social media marketing, the family obligations, and life’s small curves, getting into the mind frame to map out my characters, their journeys and their final destinations has been difficult. So here I sit, venting instead of writing.

Ok, so much of this is procrastination. I tend to do that when my main character is not talking to me. Taking a week off to recharge, refresh seems to have no effect. I find myself even in conversations with those around me, my mind wanders to where she is, how she will extricate herself, why did she end up there in the first place.

I have moved chapters around, changed locales, even renamed one character, but now I have to reread the whole thing to see if it makes sense, flows and whether I need to move things back to the way they were.

So now I will print the whole thing out, sit in a corner with pen and highlighters, to make sense of it all. I find reading it out loud to my better half helps. Even if he appears to have zoned out. Here goes…



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