Update: Sudden Shock – The Elleanor Stone Collection by Nia Markos

So I’m halfway through the draft of this book, but I do know where I’m going with it.

The book cover is more or less done.

Sudden Shock Full Cover

The Blurb is being refined.

Elleanor Stone has been alive for centuries. Cursed with immortality for her husband’s fidelity by none other than the goddess Aphrodite herself, Elleanor has been working for the past eleven years in modern day New York, as an investigator with the agency guarding against paranormal crimes and misdemeanors. As a lead investigator, she works alongside her partners, a fourteenth-century vampire, and a long-lived Sidhe faerie. 

Brant Ankar, billionaire, and philanthropist, fathered by an Asgardian warrior, has only recently arrived in New York to open a sub-division of his company Ankar and Associates.  Pleading for help, a woman from his past, one he despises, begs him to recover a lost artifact which may have dire consequences if it falls into the wrong hands. 

Elleanor has her own hands full when the murder of a young female werewolf leads her to believe the cause of death to be due to a vampire bite.  Time is of the essence in solving the crime. Suspicion, hatred, between vampires and werewolves, runs deep. Having only recently halted their centuries-old war, finding out a vampire was responsible could cause a new conflict to erupt.

From New York to Florence, Elleanor follows the clues to solve the young woman’s murder. The arrival of a past love, one she long thought dead, will have profound consequences, both to the case and to her personally.


This is a tale I am excited to be developing. After writing my previous series all within a year and a half, I am taking my time with this one. Creating a deep and fascinating read is my end goal. Hope you stay tuned for this one.

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