Too Early for Christmas?

Yesterday my daughter, granddaughter and I put up the Christmas tree. Well, the granddaughter mostly encouraged us by giggling and trying to stand up in her playpen.  She’s only seven months old.

Many will say it’s too early for the tree, but with puffy snowflakes falling outside, Christmas music playing, we quickly got in the right mood. Everyone loves to help me put up the tree, no one materializes when it’s time to take it down. It is the main reason I prefer to put it up as early as possible. Giving me time before I have to disassemble it, I at least can enjoy it before I am faced with the task of taking it down alone. Who else faces the same?



This morning I am back to writing. I finished one chapter and have started on the next. I am so excited about this story. A little hint of where I am now below.  The word count so far is 41,206. Another murder has occurred. Who is responsible for these shocking deaths? I guess you will have to wait and see. Hopefully not too long. For now, back to writing for me. Have a wonderful week everyone.





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