Excerpt from Elements by Nia Markos

We appeared in an open field, our feet crushing the bluebell flowers that colored the wild grass growing under us. The sun was shining high in the sky with scattered white fluffy clouds floating by. Liam, Aidan and Elron encircled us, scanning the horizon for any threats. I could tell we were alone. The most breathtaking view on my right held me spellbound. I walked towards the edge of the cliff that stood a few feet from me. We were hundreds of feet above the waves that pounded the shore below.


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2 Comments on “Excerpt from Elements by Nia Markos

  1. The excerpt is great, Nia. Your words create such clear visual imagery. I always enjoy reading books that transport me somewhere else.😊

    • Thank you for your comment, Suzanne. I have to reign it in sometimes, not to get too descriptive, but I too like it when the imagery takes me away.

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