Excerpt from Elements by Nia Markos

I had no time to form a response before Aidan’s door opened. He stood there, his face rigid, taking in the scene in front of him. Liam gave a harsh laugh before turning, opening the door and leaving us in awkward silence.

Aidan said nothing. He strolled over to the table, filled a cup of coffee for me and one for himself. He handed mine to me without a word. Putting his cup down on the table, he picked up a plate and filled it with food. Avoiding me, he picked up his cup again, took his plate, walking out the front door.

This was not good. On top of his silence, I could feel nothing from him. His walls were up and impenetrable. I managed to upset both Liam and Aidan. Did my mother not warn me about this? She had told me to wait. I needed to fix this and soon. Dejectedly, I sat down on the sofa, sipping my coffee, wondering how I could fix things.



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