Excerpt from Elements by Nia Markos

Without warning, Aidan came at me, pinning my arms behind my back, leaving me with no room to move. Standing in front of me, he held me firmly pressed against his body, his legs spread with me planted between them. From my unbalanced position, I struggled to find my feet. Without the use of my hands, there was no way for me to fight back. The energy I needed gathered in my hands with no place to go. My fingertips behind my back sizzled with energy. I felt around for something else I could use and I found it in the earth under my feet.

Aidan whipped away from me landing on his feet as he sprang back just in time. The earth where he had stood opened up into a gaping hole. The wind whistled around me with hurricane force, driving him further away from me. Drawing the power back, the air around me returned to normal. The shaking of the ground halted and Liam’s laughter rang out.

“Not much fun is it when it’s directed at you?” He continued laughing at Aidan’s expense.



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