Resolutions – Yay or Nay?


Most people make resolutions for the New Year. Whether it be to lose some weight, eat better, get to the gym, quit some habit, we all at some point have made a list of things we want to accomplish. I was one of those people. For the past several years, though, I have made it a point not to.

What’s the point really? Often by the second or third day of the year, we already have forgotten the promises we made.  Realistically, the best time to make the changes we want is to take the bull by the horns when the thought enters our mind to do something.

I know I need to lose a few pounds. I’ve known it all last year. Do you imagine that magically on the 1st of the month, of the New Year, that the desire will be larger than any other day of the year? I think not.

Eating better, ie: staying away from the cookie jar, the chocolates and other sweets my better half brings into the house, would be the first step. Now, if only the others in my household would follow the same rules as I do. I never buy treats I should be doing without. They appear in the house, teasing me, luring me almost hypnotically.

Then there is the gym. The basement is set up with two treadmills, a workout bench, weights and even a spinning bike. They’ve been collecting dust down there for over a year. I have a vast collection of workout DVDs, from kickboxing, aerobics, Zumba, yoga and even dance. Knowing how to put one into the slot of the player is something I have learned to do. Complaining about the lack of time in my day is laughable. I have retired after all. I have nothing but time on my side.

Wanting to be a better person, I have left negativity behind. I am empathic by nature. Being around people who have nothing good to say, who find fault and criticize continuously, rubs off on me. So, I have cut those people out of my life or see them seldom. Sunshine rules the day around my house. The only things that still manage to bug me are those listed above.

No time like the present to face things head on. Today, the third of January, 2018, I will take myself down into the basement, step on the treadmill and walk for thirty minutes, then I will use those weights, working my upper body for today. Tomorrow, I will repeat the process, moving on to the lower body. This is not a jest, but a promise to myself. ( I’m hoping by stating it here that you will call me out if I miss a day. )

What I intend to do is to report on my progress. Listing what I’ve eaten for the day, the workout I’ve done, maybe, some will find it useful and want to join in. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, maybe 15-20 pounds. What I do need is to tone up a bit. The muffin top just keeps growing.

I will be back tomorrow with my progress report. Join along or just join in my adventure.



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