Excerpt from Venture by Nia Markos

“Dad, why are we so messed up? We have got to be the most dysfunctional family around.” Bet remarked.

Asher laughed at her description. In more ways than one, she was right. Their family was messed up, but there was also a lot of love there. His sons were the world to him. Bet was his most treasured creation. There was nothing he would not do for them. His grandchild would have another piece of his heart.

“We are unique, but we do love you, Bet.” Asher put his arm around her shoulders, drawing her closer to him.

They sat in peaceful quiet, drawing strength from each other. He waited for her to speak, to let him know why she stayed away from her family. She always was an emotional child. Every slight seemed magnified to her.

“I don’t know how he can love me.” She finally said.

“Who, Elron?” Asher was stunned at her statement.

How could someone not love you? Of course Elron loves you. He would not be so hurt and irate if he did not love you completely. Asher moved to face Bet.

She sat back on the couch, her head resting on the cushions behind her. Defeated, she avoided looking at him. Asher could see that she was truly confused and heartsick over what she was going through.


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