Excerpt from Venture by Nia Markos

On the ridge, high above the seashore, Elron waited, his eyes fastened on a small craft as it bobbed its way towards land. Breaking waves marked its advance, as it rapidly sped towards him. Every now and then it dropped out of sight when a surge concealed it beneath its swell.

The blustery wind blew with such force that it jostled him, making it extremely challenging to maintain his balance. With his legs spread, anyone seeing him would mistake him for an old world pirate. His long leather jacket billowed behind him. Dressed all in black, his face covered by a week’s worth of whiskers, he looked dangerous and surly. He had spent another dismal night alone.

When dawn broke on his third day on the island, his churlish mood woke with him. He was tired of waiting, fed up with the changes he was being forced to confront. From the moment he had stepped on that soil, the things he had experienced kept him unbalanced. He hated the state of uncertainty he found himself in.


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