Excerpt from Venture by Nia Markos

Grabbed from behind, hauled to their feet, they were both propelled towards the stairs at the far end of the room. Thalia kept her eyes on Bet, who was roughly picked up by another guard. Not caring how he handled her, he half-dragged her body along. With no escape, they allowed themselves to be manhandled down the stairs. Going down one level, they were ushered down a stone-walled corridor. Myrick stopped in front of a heavy wooden door. One of the guards pushed through to use a key to unlock the cell.

Wasting no time on niceties, Myrick called to his men to lock them in. Without a backward glance, he left them to the mercy of the guards. Rider was thrown in, landing near the back wall of the bathroom-sized room. Thalia gave them no chance to touch her again. She went directly to her husband, helping him to sit and brace himself on the hard stone behind him. Bet was carried in and tossed on a cold slab of stone that passed as a bed. The room was a cave, dug out centuries ago as a prison. They would find no escape within its walls.


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