Review of the Lucian Sword – Casey Blane Series by Jodi Ann Fahey – Four Stars #RRBC #amwriting #Blog

Book Blurb: Casey Blane returns to the old coven’s grounds to take her place as the high priestess to the Letorian Coven and in search for the lost talismans. What she discovers is far more than she ever could have envisioned.

Brought to a world of faeries and the magic of the Druids, Casey must learn to come to terms with herself and her gifts quickly to survive and change the prophecy. Her first battle is finding the Lucian Sword.

Review:  The characters and storyline of the second book of the Casey Blane series kept my interest in reading the book. I thoroughly enjoyed the well-crafted story. I only give it a four stars rating due to some spelling and word errors. Otherwise a great read. I also read the first book in order to better understand the plot. Well done!


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