Excerpt from Venture by Nia Markos


It was in this state that Elron and Tory found us. Their appearance came seconds after Meredith had departed. I was still recovering on the ground, Liam supporting me, and everyone was speechless. Bet immediately ran to Elron, jumping into his waiting arms. A smile warmed my lips at seeing how happy they were. Those same lips drooped upon feeling my heart skip a beat. Aidan’s blood, flowing through me, waned in intensity. In my mind, an image of him formed.

He was bloodied and tormented. It was the look in his eyes that shook me. Glazed and unfocused, they lacked any spark. Liam brought me out of the vision by caressing my cheek. I fought down the panic of what I had glimpsed. I shook my head to clear it. Elron was watching me over Bet’s shoulder, as he continued to hold her. He moved Bet to his side, his hand still around her waist and started over to us.


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