Excerpt from Harmony by Nia Markos

“Watch!” His mother ordered him when he turned away.

Liam had no choice but to return his gaze to the scene before him. Even that glimpse was worth the anguish he felt. She was beyond beautiful to him. He knew each contour of her body. From the shapely legs, all the way up to the willowy arms that had held him. His eyes narrowed at what else he saw. Where is she?

The bubbling waters of the river she knelt beside were unknown to him. They had never been there together. He could name every place he had visited with her. The red sediment- covered riverbed, with the molten lava covered mountains in the distance was unfamiliar. The trees surrounding the area were lifeless. Contorted, blackened trunks and twisted bare branches were rooted in a scorched soil. The fast moving waters of the river reflected all the death around her. Why is she smiling?


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