Excerpt from Harmony by Nia Markos

“Thalia, the floor is yours.” Rydia stated.

Mom took a moment before rising to her feet. She steeled herself for what lay ahead. I could feel Rider tense beside her. Mom schooled her face into neutrality, showing none of the conflict inside her. Once on her feet, she looked everywhere but at her father. I resented his attitude. What had my mother done to deserve his scorn?

“Thank you, Rydia. I will not speak for long. Our request is a simple one. You all are aware of what Elsam has begun. If we do not join with the Sidhe in this battle, all we hold dear will be lost. Elsam has the Daimon and shadows working with him. Releasing them, unhindered, on earth will be devastating to all of us. I have come here to request that the council agree to have witches and warlocks join in the fight. Only together can we overcome the death and destruction that is sure to come.” Thalia sat once she had finished speaking.


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