My Reading List – Time to Get Started #amreading

My list is long. I have over one hundred books to get through. Some of you may agree with the assessments I will make, some may not. That’s fine. Everyone has their own tastes in what they find entertaining. For me, a book has to keep my interest and keep me invested in the characters. The writing has to be engaging. Flowery words, trying too hard to be the next Hemingway, only makes me think the author is trying too hard. Big words don’t impress me unless it’s the right word, for the right reason. Most of the books are free downloads from Kobo, some I bought because they looked interesting, while others are from my fellow members from The Rave Reviews Book Club.

I hope to get through the list this year, and maybe pick up a few more along the way. Presently I am reading, Tails (Silver Wishes Book 1) by W. J. Scott (Member of RRBC).


I will have a review ready for next week. After that I have no particle preference, so I will start at the top of the list and work my way down. Below you will find the books I will be reading. Let me know if you have a suggestion on what to read next.



book reading 1

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  1. I’ll have to check out some of these

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