Review of Tails (Silver Wishes Book One) by W. J. Scott – Five Stars #RRBC #amwriting #Blog


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Book Blurb:  Sometimes loss is the only thing that saves you.
Last summer during the dreaded hunting season, Kywah lost his tail, his magic, and his value as a silvertail. Now the hunters have returned and he’s terrified. Especially when he recognizes Samsa, the very hunter that cut off his tail, and ruined his life.
But when the pack becomes trapped in the foothills with no escape, Kywah realises he’s their only hope. Without a tail, he’s worthless to the hunters and their wizard masters. If he can escape, he can find help for his pack. All he has to do is locate the Wise One and retrieve the Deep Magic.
Which would be hard enough even if he still had the magical tail sense his kind are born with. But what choice does he have? If he doesn’t take the risk, his pack will lose everything. And because Kywah knows exactly how that feels, he can’t let it happen.

Review: What a truly wonderful tale. I could not put this book down. Filled with fairies, magic, mythical creatures, the action never stops.  Kywah’s loss of his tail, the pride of every Silvertail, is wrenching. Going out on his own, to save his clan from Hunter’s out to gather tails for the wizard’s plans, had me gripped in the suspense. His adventures brought him lessons, courage, and self-sacrifices. In more than one instance I found myself biting my nails over his situation. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves this type of writing. You will not be disappointed.

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