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Book Blurb:  In The Fall of Lilith, Vashti Quiroz-Vega crafts an irresistible new take on heaven and hell that boldly lays bare the passionate, conflicted natures of God’s first creations: the resplendent celestial beings known as angels.

If you think you know their story, think again.

Endowed with every gift of mind, body, and spirit, the angels reside in a paradise bounded by divine laws, chief of which are obedience to God, and celibacy. In all other things, the angels possess free will, that they may add in their own unique ways to God’s unfolding plan.

Lilith, most exquisite of angels, finds the rules arbitrary and stifling. She yearns to follow no plan but her own: a plan that leads to the throne now occupied by God himself. With clever words and forbidden caresses, Lilith sows discontent among the angels. Soon the virus of rebellion has spread to the greatest of them all: Lucifer.

Now, as angel is pitted against angel, old loyalties are betrayed and friendships broken. Lust, envy, pride, and ambition arise to shake the foundations of heaven . . . and beyond. For what begins as a war in paradise invades God’s newest creation, a planet known as Earth. It is there, in the garden called Eden, that Lilith, Lucifer, and the other rebel angels will seek a final desperate victory—or a venomous revenge.

“[A] compelling narrative that . . . strays far from traditional biblical text . . . A well-written, descriptive, and dark creation story.”—Kirkus Reviews


Review: In the reimagining of heaven and earth, Vashti Quiroz-Vega has created a vast and rich story with characters that leap off the pages. Taking names of angels we know from the Bible she has brought them brilliantly to life. Rebelling against God, Lilith seeks to cause discord amongst her fellow angels, in order to rise above her creator. Not to go into too much detail, but the motives, actions, and fallout are well mapped out and give the story believability.

With a unique twist on the fall to Earth, Ms. Vega builds on her creation. The Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, is the final battleground over Lilith’s need for vengeance against God.

I could not put this book down. The story hooked me and kept me glued to the pages. I highly recommend The Fall of Lilith.

12 Comments on “Review of The Fall of Lilith (Fantasy Angels Series) by Vashti Quiroz Vega – Five Stars #RRBC #amwriting #Blog #MustRead

  1. What a wonderful review, Nia. I have Lilith on my Kindle. Your review makes me want to hurry up and read it!

    • I hope you enjoy it when you do get to it, Jan. Thank you. 😀

    • I love it, Billy Ray! Thanks for reading it. 😀 xx

  2. Hi Nia! I’m so grateful that you took a chance on The Fall of Lilith (It’s a big book). It means so much to me that you read it. I’m so happy that you enjoyed it too. Thank you for the fabulous review! <3 xx

  3. A fabulous review to share, Nia! I’m currently reading it and it’s sooooooo hard to put down. The story and imagery are incredible.
    High five to Vashti! 🙂

    • Thanks Natalie! I read it in two days. Could not put it down.

      • Wow, Nia! I couldn’t even read it in two days! You just made my month! <3

    • Natalie, your enthusiasm makes my heart leap––I love it! Thank you, my friend. I appreciate you. 😀 xx

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