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There are three escapes I tend to gravitate to when I have an hour or two to spare:

My number one go to is reading. Some would say I am a fanatic when it comes to this activity. My husband gave up long ago from curtailing my purchasing of at least three books a week. What better way to get away from everyday life than to enter an imaginary world created by an author. I have my favorite ones, of course, but I am always on the lookout for someone new, different, with a unique story to tell. With over ninety-five books waiting on my reader, I am sure to discover a new author to add to my favorites. It’s no secret that I love young adult urban fantasy, paranormal, anything to do with vampires, werewolves, and even though I am well past the age of the audience the books are written for, I refuse to apologize for it. That is not to say I don’t read anything else. I do love a good spy novel, a thriller, or just a plain, simple romance, once in a while.


Number two is music. In my younger days, I fancied I could become a singer. Today, I sing for my pleasure. Or, to the annoyance of those around me. Putting on any song is likely to have me singing along without me even being aware of it. My likes are eclectic. I could lose myself in classical music just as easily as the newest pop song. This morning I woke up with the song Havana by Camila Cabello in my head,  and every now and then I catch myself singing the lyrics out loud. Imagine the surprised faces of those around me. At a wedding I recently attended, I discovered Alice Merton, and her song ‘No Roots’. This song, and only this song, for some reason, is the one that calms down my grand-daughter when she is fussy.



Number three is my favorite television shows. I PVR the ones I like and then catch up when I have time.  And, let’s not forget Netflix and Amazon Prime. What I love to read, usually influences what I watch. So, yes, I watch Shadowhunters, The Magicians, and Outlander. I am also hoping that A Discovery of Witches will be available in Canada this fall.  The other shows I follow are Lucifer and Lethal Weapon. Disappointment does not cover what it means to me to be unable to watch The Originals. My cable provider only offers it on an added plan which would cost an unreasonable price. So, I make due with Riverdale, Dynasty and Black Lightning on Netflix. Right now I am catching up on The Expanse. Did I say my tastes were eclectic? Having watched most of the sci-fi genre, the Marvel offerings on Netflix, I discovered The Man in the High Castle over on Amazon Prime. What a fantastic series that is.


In between home, family, daily life and writing, the time I can afford to these activities is limited.  If I can sit down for an hour every day to relax, I consider myself lucky. I have shared with you my likes and would love to hear from you what you love to read, listen to and watch.

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