Review of Beyond Cloud Nine by Greg Spry – 4.5 Stars #RRBC #Review

Beyong Cloud Nine

Book Blurb: 
Brooke was flying high until abruptly halted by a mysterious crime

Ace fighter pilot, Brooke Davis, is speeding through Jupiter’s orbit, dreaming of becoming the first human to fly faster than light. Instead she is drawn into a criminal conspiracy— involving terrorists, aliens, and the highest level of government, including her boss at the U.N. — that threatens not only her shot at history, but the future of the solar system.

Will the entire solar system break down in this futuristic thriller?

The solar system is destabilizing. Separatists attempt to assassinate the U.N. Secretary-General. Territories are seceding and acquiring antimatter weaponry. Just as all-out war seems inevitable, alleged extraterrestrials attack colonies throughout the solar system, forcing humankind to work together to combat the invaders. If the U.N. loses its ability to keep the peace, human civilization may stumble back into the dark ages.

Brooke’s excruciating dilemma could determine the future of the human race

Brooke is ordered to keep quiet about the crime she witnessed by the U.N. Security Council President. As the invaders draw closer to Earth, Brooke must decide whether to reveal what she knows. Keeping quiet might allow mankind to triumph and usher in a golden age, albeit one based on lies and deception. But revealing the truth could send the human race down a path toward self-annihilation.



For those who believe science fiction is better seen than read ( I being one of those), will be pleasantly surprised by Greg Spry’s novel. From the imagining of a future two hundred years in the future, to political intrigue familiar to us all, the story develops slowly in the first half of the book, as we are introduced to Brooke Davis, the young fighter pilot who is the main character, to all the supporting characters.

I found the setting, the drama, all too believable. Washed-up, “Spark” addicted Brooke’s journey into becoming a heroine develops at just the right speed. We grow to care about her, her family, and what she has gone through.

Beyond Cloud Nine delivers a compelling story which many science fiction readers will enjoy. I give it 4.5 Stars instead of 5 due to it taking me a quarter into the book to really become invested. I suggest you keep reading. It is a great story.



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