The Influence of Marvel Movies in my Writing The Crystal Series #amwriting #marvel #mythology


My favorite character in the entire Marvel Universe is Thor. Not for the size of his biceps, or the taut stomach we thrillingly, at times, get a glimpse of, but for his humor and fun loving personality. At times he seems childlike and innocent, a sharp contrast to his being the god of thunder.  In my opinion Chris Hemsworth is the perfect Thor.


When I started writing The Crystal Series, I spent time reading up and familiarizing mythic-2576739_960_720myself with Norse Mythology.  I knew the basics, but what I discovered was a vast history and a world way beyond my imagination. The character of Freya, or Freyja, the goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, who was also the goddess of war and death, captivated me. Wonderful wasn’t she? Love with one hand and death with the other. Freyja was also the ruler over the heavenly field known as Fólkvangr, where she received half of those that die in battle, while the other half went to the god Odin’s hall, Valhalla. If you’d like to learn more visit Wikipedia for a brief history.

I worked Freya into my story by having her be crucial to the quest set out for Alexa and Aidan. Her army comes to the rescue just when everything appears to be lost.


From The Crystal Series:


Rising up out of it, the goddess herself emerged. Freya, dressed in her armor, ready for battle, just as in the picture I had seen in the library, stared back at me.

Child, you have called for me. Her words were echoing in my mind, though her lips had not moved at all.

What do you say to a goddess? I had only been told the words that would raise her and her army from slumber. Ordering her to do my bidding was another matter altogether. How could I command her to save us? Would she listen to me? But, I did not need to say anything after all. Every thought running through my mind transmitted to her. She glanced around us, saw the threat and actually smiled.

It has been too long since we have enjoyed a good fight, I heard her say. Her gaze took in the room, appraisingly identifying friend from foe. I felt Aidan’s fingers tighten around my wrist. I communicated to him what was being said to put him at ease. Whether it did or not I could not say. At that moment, Freya raised her sword in the air, taking my full attention. Standing with her feet apart, her mouth opened to speak.

Rise men. Prepare to defeat the enemy, Freya commanded. I pushed Aidan out of the way, as I watched warrior after warrior rise out of the crevice where Freya stood. Her ghostly army took position to her right, awaiting her further orders. They were corporeal, existing in another plane. Shimmering, they were being projected from beyond our world.




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