The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

 Yes, this book is written by J.K.Rowling using a pseudonym. I didn’t know it at the time I picked this up at the airport five years ago on my way to a beach vacation.

I started it on the plane with great expectations. I read four chapters. That was it. Five years later, the book was gathering dust along with the other unread on my bookcase. Not sure why I couldn’t finish it. It could have been the small typeface, it being hard on my eyes. It might have been the wrong book for reading on a sandy beach. I believe if the storytelling wasn’t so slow, I may have continued.

Imagine my surprise when I happened upon the series on HBO. The characters hooked imagesme within minutes. Tom Burke who plays Cormoran Strike is amazing in the role. I loved him as Athos in BBC series The Musketeers. Holliday Grainger as Robin breaths life into her character.

After watching the first three episodes which showcased The Cuckoo’s Calling, I remembered I had a copy of the book somewhere. Having finally found it, I decided to give it another go. Well, it didn’t go any better than the first time.

I really wanted to like the book. Maybe a paperback was not the way to go with it. Deciding to dig in and finish it, I purchased it for my Kindle. I’ve managed to get half way through, and will let you know what I think next time. Till then.


4 Comments on “The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

  1. I read all her Cormoran Strike series. They’re amazing! She’s such a talented writer in any genre! I didn’t find it slow at all. Interesting. I will check out the series when it comes to Netflix.

    • Nia Markos

      I’m sure I’ll like it now that my eyes can read it comfortably. The typeface in the paperback was uncomfortable

  2. Jan Sikes

    Very interesting, Nia.

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