Aphrodite: From Myth to Elleanor’s Nemesis

There are many myths on how Aphrodite came to be. Was she born from the foam created by Uranus’s genitals being cast into the sea by Cronus, or was she the daughter of Zeus and Dione? She is mentioned as being both the consort of Ares, as well as the wifecyprus-1969878_640 of Hephaestus. Almost always accompanied by Eros, the God of lust and sexual desire, Aphrodite is portrayed  as nubile and immensely desirable.

Aphrodite is said to have had many mortal lovers. From the legendary Adonis to lesser known men, she could be quite generous with her offerings if pleased. On the other hand, her jealousy and vindictiveness at being spurned by men, or having her beauty questioned, have produced many tales.

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Sudden ShockFor Elleanor Stone, the repercussion of her husband not submitting to Aphrodite’s attentions, has led to centuries of isolation. Cursed with immortality, Elleanor has watched everyone she has ever loved die, until she discovers, with the exception of one man. A man who she abandoned and who now wants nothing to do with her.

But, if immortality has taught Elleanor anything, it is that time, something she has plenty of,  can heal all wounds, and that what may be impossible today could come to fruition tomorrow.

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