Review: Son of My Father by Peggy Hattendorf – 4 Stars

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Book Blurb: 

It was always “Father” never “Dad.” The love and respect was manifest so was the distance – the distance not as evident. Christiana Lynn Barrington’s life was a carefully constructed world built, presented and controlled by her billionaire father, Jonathan Robert Barrington.

She never knew anything else.

Frequently, she wondered if her father had wished to have had a son instead of a daughter but never posed the question.

Maybe she was afraid of the answer.

As the only child of Jonathan and Elizabeth Matthews Barrington, she was the heir apparent to the behemoth Barrington Holdings International.

But a threat to her hard-earned succession waits in the shadows ready to take everything she’s worked for away from her.

Review:  Right away I felt the weight of Christiana’s need for her father’s approval. The dysfunction of the family only adds to the pressure. She has only ever seen herself as an extension to the family business, to the detriment of her personal life.
I enjoyed this book. The writing captured the nuances of emotions the characters were experiencing. The story was complex, intricate, and with a great twist at the end. Although the story is about the complex relationship between father and daughter, and the running of the Barrington company, there was also the introduction of a new man in Christiana’s life. Add to that the close one she already has with her first husband, who is still in love with her, and you get where this is going.
I was routing for the ex, knowing her father did not like him.
Look for a satisfying ending in this book. I recommend this book and give it Four Stars.

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