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As many of you may have noticed, I haven’t done a book review in a while. In the past month and a half I’ve been on a series binge, where I finish one, and begin another. I’ve gone through three series in that space of time, and have been warned by my family to put away my Kobo and Kindle readers in order to spend more time with them. I have promised them to read one series or two books a month. Presently I am reading The Complete Pearseus SeriesThe Complete Pearseus Series by Nicholas C Rossis.





But, to get back to the three I can write about:


The Complete Book of Fallen Angels by Valmore Daniels  – 4 Stars The Complete Book of Fallen Angels

Book Blurbs: 

Angel Fire

My name is Darcy Anderson, and I am cursed with a dark power: Whenever my life is in danger, something inside me summons elemental fire to protect me. I cannot control this.
One night, I was attacked in my home. The fire … it raged out of control. I survived the inferno, but my house burned to the ground – with my parents inside.
I was at a loss to explain to the courts what happened, and so they sent me to prison for ten years for manslaughter.
Now I’m out on parole, and all I want is to return to my home town and rebuild my life; but the man who attacked me is back to finish the job he started.
I can sense the power in me growing. If I can’t control it, it will control me and destroy everything – and everyone – I love.

Angel’s Breath

My name is Richard Riley. All I ever wanted was to lead a normal life.
When I was younger, I made some bad choices that ended with me in prison. I served my time, and now I am trying to put my life back together.
But someone has framed me for a crime I didn’t commit. They want me dead, and they’re willing to kill my friends and family to get to me.
Even as I try to save the people I love, a dark and ancient power grows inside me. I can feel its anger rising.
If it gets away from me, it will rip everything in my life apart.

Earth Angel

My name is Kyle Chase. I had a bright future as a heart surgeon until an accident brought my world crumbling down.
Just as I started to get my life back together, I stumbled onto a conspiracy that began thousands of years ago; a secret my family tried to keep hidden from me.
Now, the conspirators want me out of the picture. They will stop at nothing to silence me.
As I try to uncover my ages-old legacy, I release a dark power that threatens to destroy everyone I love.
Angel Tears

My name is Serena Rogers. After escaping from a juvenile detention center, all I wanted was to get as far away from home as I could and never look back.
Everything changed when I uncovered the dark secret that’s been haunting my family since before I was born.
I am not who I thought I was.
When I encounter an army of revolutionaries, I am faced with an impossible choice: fight them and risk the lives of everyone I love, or join them and lose my soul.

Angel of Darkness

My name is Frank. I joined the police force to make a difference, but from the first day on the job, everything I’ve done has made life worse for everyone around me.
For twenty-five years, I searched for meaning, to make sense of my life, but I never found any answers.
Just when I decide to turn my back on my life’s work, I uncover a conspiracy more sinister than anything I ever imagined.
As I investigate, I realize that even if I stop the conspirators, the blood of innocents will be on my hands: thousands will die. If I don’t stop them, all of mankind will suffer an age of darkness…


The story begins with Darcy, and the malevolent forces working to destroy her and those like her. Each book thereafter adds another character with similar powers to hers, and slowly interweaves their stories. The mystical elements in the books kept me engrossed enough to keep going. After the first three books, the characters started to resemble each other. They had similar flaws that got them into trouble with those working to destroy them. The final book, though, did a great job in tying everything together and giving a satisfying ending. I enjoyed reading these books and would recommend them to anyone who enjoys characters with mystical powers, ideas of fallen angels, and overcoming evil forces.

The Complete Courtlight Series by Terah The Complete Courtlight SeriesEdun – Five Stars

Book Blurbs:


It’s time to shatter an empire – the successful high fantasy series that captivates readers. This exclusive boxed set includes Books 1 – 8 (Sworn To Raise: Courtlight #1, Sworn To Transfer: Courtlight #2, Sworn To Conflict: Courtlight #3, Sworn To Secrecy: Courtlight #4, Sworn To Defiance: Courtlight #5, Sworn To Ascension: Courtlight #6, Sworn To Vengeance: Courtlight #7, & Sworn To Sovereignty: Courtlight #8).

Get the entire volume one of the Courtlight series for nearly half off list price!

Adventure and romance, magic and secrecy, are woven into a fantasy world that is a phenomenally unique and captivating tale. In this breathtaking launch of the successful high fantasy series, readers will be kept on the edge of their seat.

Begin the journey today:

Seventeen-year-old Ciardis Vane grew up in a small village on the edge of the realm. Beautiful, destitute, and desperate she is looking to get out anyway she can. She has worked her whole live as a laundress with no hope of escaping her fate anytime soon.

But then her life changes when a strange woman appears with the key to Ciardis’s escape. With an offer to take her to the capital and a life she’d never dreamed of, it’s hard to resist. There’s only one catch.

She wants Ciardis to become a companion: she’ll be required to wear expensive dresses, learn to conduct suitable magic, educate herself oncourt proclivities, and – in the end – chain herself to the highest bidder. A Patron for life.

Ciardis knows that this is her one opportunity to change her life.

But what she does not know is that she will soon be at the heart of intrigues and power struggles, and that her new life in luxury demands a high price, perhaps even the life of a prince.


The Reflections Series: Books 1 – 7 The Reflections Seriesby Dean Murray  –  5 Stars

Book Blurbs:

Adri Paige’s arrival in Sanctuary thrusts her into a dangerous, shadowy world most people don’t believe exists, and places her in the middle of a war between darkly handsome Alec Graves and charismatic Brandon Worthingfield that threatens to consume the entire town.

On the surface, both Alec and Brandon are nothing more than average high-school guys, but as Adri is pulled ever more deeply into their conflict she realizes that one of them wants to kill her. Adri needs to decide who to trust before her time runs out once and for all.


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