1976 in Movies

Apple Computer Company is formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The CN tower in Toronto, Canada is completed and is the the tallest free standing structure in the world. NASA unveils the first space shuttle, the Enterprise.

Popular TV Programmes

  • The Six Million Dollar Man
  • Kojak
  • The Jeffersons
  • All in the Family
  • Maude
  • Good Times
  • M*A*S*H
  • The Carol Burnett Show


Here are the top ten movies of that year in the U.S, with the top three trailers added:

1. Rocky

2. To Fly!   No trailer available: was the highest grossing documentary of all time before the release of Fahrenheit 9/11 in 2004, and is still shown at the National Air and Space museum in Washington,.

3. A Star Is Born

4. All the President’s Men
5. The Omen
6. In Search of Noah’s Ark
7. King Kong
8. Silver Streak
9. The Enforcer
10. Midway


An added bonus: Top Books in 1976

1 TRINITY, by Leon Uris.

2 SLEEPING MURDER, by Agatha Christie.

3 STORM WARNING, by Jack Higgins.

4 SLAPSTICK, by Kurt Vonnegut.

5 RAISE THE TITANIC!, by Clive Cussler.

6 THE CRASH OF ’79, by Paul E. Erdman.

7 MARRY ME, by John Updike.

8 BLUE SKIES, NO CANDY, by Gael Greene.

9 DOLORES, by Jacqueline Susann.

10 ORDINARY PEOPLE, by Judith Guest.

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  1. I was five at the time, but I do remember watching some of those shows. What kind of “man” could you build with six million dollars in today’s economy?

    • Nia Markos

      Probably would have just one bionic eye….

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