Introvert or Loner: Is It One And The Same.

Webster’s definitions:

Introvert: One whose personality is characterized by introversion especially a reserved or shy person who enjoys spending time alone.

Loner: One that avoids others: such as a person who is often alone or likes to be alone someone who usually avoids the company of others.

I recently read an article that had me thinking back to my childhood, loner-1670896_1920and to my present. If I go by these definitions, then I admit that I am both an introvert and a loner. Also, I firmly believe there is nothing wrong with being either one, or both. I have one great friend, that being my husband. We have family we love to visit, acquaintances we see frequently, and numerous activities we participate in (Although my definition of numerous is not that of my husband’s).

All through grade school, and high school, I enjoyed being alone. I have never felt I missed out on anything. I hated chit chat, had almost nothing in common with other girls my age, and preferred to read, watch television, or listen to music (Mostly alone in my room). My mother worried for me at times, but I loved to be by myself. Subjects which interested me were not ones that any girls I knew would find interesting.

I have an older brother. His interests were more aligned with my own. Comic books, cars, playing board games, were some of the things we talked about, or did together. But, more and more, as I grew older, reading took up most of my free time. I never felt lonely, and I don’t lack self-confidence. I’m somewhat shy, not paralyzingly so. I know exactly who I am.

In the article, it lists the seventeen personality traits associated to loners. I’ll list them below, but take the time to read the full article. It is fascinating how right-on it is on some of them for me. So if you are one, or both, introvert or loner, let me know how many of these traits you have in common with me. I’ll lay it on the table, I have some of all seventeen in me. Let’s compare notes.

From Higher Perspectives site:

1. Value Time
2. Self-aware
3. Level-headed
4. Open-minded
5. Loyal
6. Clear Boundaries
7. Aware Of Their Weaknesses/Strengths
8. Very Empathetic
9. No One Is Perfect
10. Guided By Intuition
11. Never Codependent
12. Filled With Kindness And Compassion
13. Extremely Courageous
14. Self-loving
15. Reliable
16. Emotional Strength
17. Moral Compass


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