Special Offer Just for You

Special Offer and Upcoming Book Update

Just for you, my loyal followers:

I am pleased to offer you Sudden Shock – Elleanor Stone Collection for just $0.99 until December 31,2018.

Just go to Smashwords  and insert code DF58A at checkout.

All I ask in return is that you take the time to rate the book or write a review.

A Writer’s Life

A short note on what I’m working on.
I’m halfway done with a stand alone novel on Tory and Rina. The title I have settled on is Deviated Time. Lots of you have let me know of your interest in what happens to them after the Crystal Series end. 

At the same time,
I have started another story which has new characters and a more intriguing tale. Luna and Daniel’s journey will be difficult, smack of betrayals, and have surprises galore. What can a witch and a vampire have in common? 
Of Earth and Blood – Coming Soon.

Books I’ve been Reading

Just finished Elemental Thief by Rachel Morgan  – see my reviewHERE!!

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