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I’ve been waiting for a conclusion to George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire since 2011 when I read the latest in the series, A Dance with Dragons. This Sunday, with HBO‘s season eight of Game of Thrones, I will finally get an answer on who will sit on the throne, or maybe no one will. After all, this is Game of Thrones. They could all very well die in the first opening sequence.

I have my favorite characters, much as everyone else. Whether Jon Snow or Daenerys sit on the throne, I believe the story will not play out as we all expect. There will be tears, anger, and frustration to be sure.

My three favorites have been in my heart since reading the books. HBO only made me love them more. The first on my list is Jon Snow. I have been rooting for him from the start. Although I love Daenerys, I want Jon to embrace his being a Targaryen, and reclaim the throne which should be his.

Next on my list is Arya. I hope she makes it to the end without any harm coming to her. She has been the most fun to watch of all the Stark children. I love her spunk. Her journey has been fascinating to watch.

Finally, there is Tyrion. With his quips, sarcasm, and wit, he has entertained us for years. It would be so fitting for him to be the only Lannister left standing.

I still look forward to Martin’s next two books, if they ever appear. I’m sure he will be making changes to his narrative of the tale. Still, I am nervously awaiting to see what happens starting Sunday on HBO’s version of events. What about you? Any favorites, ideas on how it will all end?

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3 Comments on “HBO – A Game of Thrones Season 8

  1. Oh, I can’t wait!! Thanks for the reminder, Nia!!

  2. I can’t wait either! I’m having a GOT party this weekend with family and friends. Everyone is bringing food and drinks it’s going to be a blast. My favorites from the start have been Jon, Daenerys, and Tyrion, although there are other characters I enjoy watching too, one of them being Arya. I think there are three possible outcomes, either Jon and Daenerys will join in marriage and rule together or Daenerys will die and Jon will rule or they both die and Westeros becomes a republic like the Roman Republic in the hands of Tyrion Lannister and/or Lord Varys. One of the things I love about George R.R. Martin is that he thinks outside the box and this HBO series has given us a few shocking moments, so let’s see if my nerd instincts are correct. 😉 xo Thanks for this post, Nia!

    • Nia Markos

      Love your theories Hoping Arya gets to kill Cersei also.

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