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I’ve watched all four episodes so far, and I’m wondering what your thoughts are on what we have seen. There are a lot of negative comments floating around on the internet. Some are merited, others, I think, are sour grapes for the writers not going in the direction some fans wanted. Jon and DanyI think that the storytelling has been a bit rushed, but I don’t think I am seeing anything that I have not imagined myself. I always knew that Daenerys would lose her cool, that Jon would turn out to be a Targaryen, and that ultimately neither would sit on on the throne.

One thing I was surprised at, was how quickly the Night King was dispatched. Then again, I was thrilled that Arya got to be the hero. Arya Kills NKBrown Eyes, Green Eyes and… Blue Eyes. Now who will the Green Eyes be?


Also, Varys has got the be the most disloyal adviser out there. How quickly he jumps ship.



As well, who thinks Sansa warned Cersei of Daenerys’ movements?

Share your thoughts with me.


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6 Comments on “Game of Thrones – Spoilers: Share Your Thoughts

  1. Oh, I hadn’t thought of Sansa warning Cersi. I just see them as sworn enemies, but you may be right. I keep thinking that Dany is going to be pregnant with Jon’s child. I don’t know how that would turn the story, but the thought keeps coming up. I agree that most likely neither Dany nor Jon will take the Iron Throne. Who does that leave? Sansa? Arya? Who? Another thought I have is that the hall of dragons will play some other part in the story. Maybe they will come to life somehow and aid the single dragon left?? I don’t know. I love this story and i too have watched all four seasons. I can’t wait for the finale! Maybe someday I’ll read the books. 🙂

    • I too wondered if there will be more dragons. Drogon was gone for a while. Maybe there are eggs out there we didn’t know about. I don’t think anyone will end up on the throne. I see it going back to being individual kingdoms.

  2. D.L. Finn, Author

    I have to agree that Jon or Dany probably won’t end up on the throne. I’ve wondered about her being pregant, too. That’s an interesting thought about Sansa warning Cersi. I hope there are more dragons! I wonder if the Stark girls will be left standing? I don’t think Brandon is done either. I’ve heard theories of Jon killing Dany. I wonder how they will pull it all together in two more shows.

    • From last weeks episode titled “The Last of the Starks, I don’t think any more of them will be killed. The ones remaining are the last of the Starks. Not sure if Arya or Jamie will kill Cersei. Dany will die too. I think she will go after Sansa for treason and Jon will choose his Stark family over his Targaryan roots. . Remember in episode one Arya told him to remember he is one of them, and Dany sort of threatened Sansa if she doesn’t respect her. I have foreseen Dany’s downfall coming since season three. And, now she feels isolated and alone in the North. Wouldn’t it be something though if the whole pregnancy foreshadowing turns out to be she has more dragons. After all, those are her children. Also maybe Cersei will blow up King’s Landing instead of letting Dany have it.

      • D.L. Finn, Author

        Well, Ceresi’s death was not what I expected. I fully expect Dany to die now and wonder if Jon will. The after effects will be brutal. I do remember Arya’s comment and he will do the right thing. I wonder about the dragon and how that will go.

      • I wonder about the white horse and if it symbolizes death riding. I too think Dany will die, but I’m not sure who will do it. There’s Jon, Arya, and I even think Tyrion might do it. He is in big trouble for releasing his brother. I worry about Sansa too. Dany has it in for her now. If it’s Jon who kills her, the dragon won’t hurt him because he is a Targaryan.

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