Author Spotlight – Meet Author Natalie Ducey #RRBC #RWISA

I truly believe in paying it forward. There are an amazing number of authors who deserve to be showcased for their works, so here I do my part. Join me in celebrating the author being spotlighted today.


Today, please join me in welcoming author Natalie Ducey.

With a BA in Psychology, Natalie has worked in the Counselling field for 15 years. Through her work and personal journey, she has witnessed the remarkable power of the human spirit. Now, as an author and poet, she is passionate about stories that touch the Natalie Duceyheart and awaken the soul. Through words, she aspires to offer solace and hope, love and understanding.

Natalie is the Co-owner and Writer of Peace by Piece Puzzles. She is the Owner of ND Designs and Printable Art and Verse.

She was born and raised in beautiful Newfoundland, Canada, with her two brothers and twin sister. She now resides in Ontario, Canada, with her husband, a soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces, and their little dog, Bella. She loves kayaking and the freedom and serenity of being one with water. She is an avid reader, passionate writer, and seeker of tranquility along life’s mystifying journey.


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Spotlight Book:
The potential of the human spirit has always amazed me. Through poetry, I try to capture the essence of the fragility and the resiliency of our hearts; the brilliant beauty of life’s journey.
We all love/loved deeply and most likely have been on both sides of goodbye. We know the exquisite and profound beauty of love. We know the immobilizing force of grief and the anguish between letting go and holding on. We know the acute distinction between The Heart's Journey Home by [Ducey, Natalie]second chances and new beginnings.
Life…It’s majestic and mystifying, and every day we are granted the opportunity to begin again. Let’s enjoy the Journey!

The Heart’s Journey Home is a celebration of our heart’s journey through life’s majestic beauty. The collection includes 23 poems titled: Reckless Words, Borrowed Angel, Nobody’s Fool, Silence of the Heart, Love’s Illusion, Fallen Angel, Let’s Dance, Where Does the Love Go, Young Love, Small Town Girl, Winter’s Gift, Destined to Fly, Eternal Love, The War Within, To my Sister on our 40th Birthday, Goodbye without Warning, Old Oak Tree, Names in the Sand, Can’t Let Go, Memories Linger, Caged

Bird Sings, Surrender, and Heart’s Journey Home.
Twitter:     @NatalieDucey
Blog/Website: Natalie Ducey: Author/Writer



10 Comments on “Author Spotlight – Meet Author Natalie Ducey #RRBC #RWISA

  1. What a beautiful post for Natalie!!! I love her poetry! Thanks for spotlighting her, Nia!

    • Oh my, Jan, my heart is full. This is such a lovely surprise. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Three cheers for Nia and our RRBC family! XO

  2. Natalie’s poems and art make the world a lovelier place.

    • Your words bring an instant smile, Wendy! Thank you. 🙂
      This is such a lovely surprise. Nia is a gem!

  3. Hi, Nia! Lovely Author Spotlight on Natalie and her book, The Heart’s Journey Home. I read The Heart’s Lullaby and loved it. I have this book in my Kindle and hope to read it soon. Thank you!

    • My heart is full, Vashti! This is such a lovely surprise. 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words and amazing support, as always. XO

  4. Oh my goodness… Nia, you’re a gem! This is such a lovely surprise. Thank you so much for this gift. Thank you! 🙂

  5. Natalie’s poetry is soulful. Thanks for highlighting it Nia.

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