Daenerys’ Descent Into “Madness”? – Game of Thrones – Spoilers

This, for me, was one of the best episodes of the series. Although many fans have been in an uproar over Dany turning “mad”, if they are honest with themselves, they would admit the signs have been there from the start. OK, maybe not from season one, but certainly from season three and later. I will only admit to this season being a bit rushed, not that the story does not make sense.


The Bells and Daenerys’ Descent Into “Madness”?


I won’t get into the many instances where she chose to either burn, crucify or starve people who opposed her. If you want the talking points, I think, Den of Geek! does the job for me. All I will say to those who say “but these people deserved it”, and “she didn’t harm any innocents” (which she has by the way), is that Dany has always resorted to violence whenever things don’t go her way, or when she doesn’t get the adoration she wants. DaenerysAdd to all that, she has lost Ser Jorah, Missandei, and Jon (he can no longer look at her other than his aunt), and that she is isolated in a land where everyone sees her as an outsider, and well, her act of seeking vengeance becomes all to real. And, this is my point; I don’t think Dany went mad, she chose ruling by fear instead.




But, I want to discuss the episode as a whole here, and not dissect whether the show did a disservice to Dany. There were so many touching scenes in this episode; from Tyrion and Jamie’s farewell, to The Hound telling Arya to save herself, The Hound and Aryaand even seeing Cersei realizing she has lost everything. Did she deserve a more painful death? Maybe. But having her and Jamie die together was much as how they came into the world together as twins.


The effects and directing were a wonder to behold. The entire episode I was wondering where Yara Greyjoy was. Did she receive Varys’ note on Jon’s claim to the throne, and decide to sit it out? Euron meeting his end was a joy. The character belonged in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Jon’s face when Dany started killing everyone in Kings Landing told us everything. No good will come out of her actions.


Cleganebowl gave us what we all wanted. The HoundThe Hound’s death hurt in a way I was not prepared for. Underneath that gruff exterior, he always had a spark of humanity in him. I was happy they gave him scenes with Arya this season, harking back to their time on the road together.


What Will The Future Hold


I hope Jon will be the one to have to kill Dany, but there are so many ways this can go. Drogon, I think, would not kill a Targaryan. Arya, in the trailer for the final episode, looks pissed. Arya finaleDid her riding that white horse at the end mean she is death?

The Book of Revelation, from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse states: “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on it was Death”.


In the books Dany has violet eyes, but in the series her eyes are green. Does this mean Arya will close those eyes?

I wonder if that was actually the last war, or if Jon will have to fight the Unsullied and the Dothraki next episode. Will Sansa ride to the rescue with the army of the Vale? Whose side will Yara be on, and what of Dorne? What will become of Drogon? Will Tyrion be executed by Dany? I hope not. I want Tyrion to live.

What are your theories on next week’s finale? Who comes out of this alive? As there is no more Iron Throne, (I presume it was destroyed in the battle) who will sit on what?








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  1. D.L. Finn, Author

    My best guess is Dany is going to die and if she does thenJon and the dragon, too. Maybe the army will just go home. But it being GOT Dany could be left standing and just walk away at end, too. I saw her cruelty and it made her no different than Cersei, but I kind of hoped she would find that empathy through Jon which she lost. Cersei’s death gave back some of that humanity that peeked through once in a while, for me her death had been so built up that finding Jaime was forced. I think the view through Aryas eyes was chilling and will have the biggest outcome. I’m worried this can’t be resolved in one episode unless they all die. I wonder if Bran still plays a part in this with the dragon?
    My hope though is the Starks end up standing alone at the end with Tyrion.

    • I too hope the remaining Starks live. As well, Tyrion has always been a favorite.

  2. I truly hope the Starks (including Jon) remain standing at the end of the series. That would be a satisfying end. I think Jon will be forced to kill Danerys, but then it could be Arya. Either way, I don’t think she nor the dragon will survive. Since the series started with the Starks, I think it will end with them. I’d love to read the books, but after seeing the entire series, it might be boring.:) I tried to read “The Handmaid’s Tale” after seeing the series and I couldn’t get past the second chapter. At any rate, this has been an epic series!! I have loved it!

    • The books are so different from the series that they are worth a read. I’ve actually started reading them again. Maybe the dragon will just fly off to somewhere warmer. : )

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