Writing: How do your characters look, move, speak?

Writing Characters

When you write, do you have a visual in your head of how your characters look, move, speak?

I tend to always have someone  in mind when I create mine.


For Alexa the one that influenced her development was actress Lily Collins. I loved her as Snow White in the film Mirror Mirror.

She has an innocence about her, but her inner strength shine through.

Alexa starts her journey as timid, overwhelmed by her circumstances. By the end, she is a strong, powerful young woman, who can face anything.




For Aidan, it took a while before I saw him clearly. When the image of him finally came together, I saw no one but Nicholas Hoult in his place.

Aidan is sure of himself. He has self-confidence, and has long been trained to be a warrior, a leader to his people.

At the same time, he is sensitive to Alexa’s struggles. He is patient, kind, and intuitive of other’s feelings.



When it came time for Liam, Aidan’s brother, I wanted someone completely different in look, attitude, and traits. His image came clearly to me from the start.

Feeling overlooked by his family, always second best to his older brother, Liam competes with Aidan for practically everything, including Alexa.

What I like about Taron Egerton is his fun loving look. He looks like someone who would embrace life, and not let anything stand in is way of getting what he wants.




It’s nice wishing of one day having your books turned into a movie. A long shot for sure, but hey, nothing wrong with dreaming.

What about you? Do you write with an image in mind of your character?











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  1. I have a scrap book for each book I write containing pictures, sketches, character traits and quirks, abilities, and powers of the characters in that book. I write a bio and character arc for each one too. I like to get to know my characters well and see them clearly as I write. You chose three fascinating people to mold your characters after. 😀 xo

    • Thank you Vashti. I do the same thing. I start with building characters and then further develop the plot.

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