Journal Entry: Tempus Fugit ( Time Flies )

Where does time go? Where does it fly? How do you make it stop, or at least, slow down?

Journal Entry: Tempus Fugit ( Time Flies )

This past week has been a busy one. Did I accomplish all I had planned? In a word, no. Do I feel I wasted opportunities? Maybe. But, that is life.

Family, friends, births, weddings, social media, writing, gardening, gym, are all activities I participated in.


On writing:

I actually only wrote 1,266 words last week. Not enough to advance my story, but still something. I usually write first thing each morning. For some reason, I’ve slept in every day. When I do finally sit down, the creative juices aren’t flowing. It’s been a struggle to put sentences together. But, the story is stored in my mind. It’s just a question of whether I can find the time to get it all written.

My Desk
Very early morning!

By the time my other half crawls out of bed, I have usually written most of a chapter. I wake around six, and am at my laptop soon after. He stumbles into our office around two hours later. Our schedule is one we have developed over our years together. He knows not to bother me. So, he grabs a coffee, and spends the time until I shut off my screen working on his own projects.

This past week, what with my getting up later, by the time I sit down to write, he is up. It’s summer. The outdoors tempts me from the window I sit at. The garden needs tending, the swimming pool needs cleaning, and I make up all sorts of tasks to end my struggle with writing.

I know it’s temporary. I usually write better on cold days, rainy ones, or in the deep of winter. There is nothing distracting me then. The book is almost done, anyway, I tell myself. Four chapters remain to be written. I deserve some time off. : )

See how I justify it all.


Personal Notes:

Our good friend’s daughter gave birth to a twelve pound, healthy, baby boy this week. Yes, twelve pounds. Imagine that, if you can. She had a very difficult delivery, which is not hard to imagine. A sweet baby, already sleeping through the night, and fitting in three to six month old clothes. Between hospital visits, helping when she went home, the days flew by.

On Saturday, we attended the wedding of another close friend. We got to dance the night away, something that I wish would happen more. It was lovely to see bride and groom looking so happy. Just want to congratulate them once more. You know who you are.

Husband’s feet, lazing by the pool

As I mentioned, the gym fell by the wayside last week. I go daily. Making it there just two times, I try not to let the guilt eat at me by remembering I spent at least half the days gardening, as well as swimming. OK, I don’t swim, but I’m attempting to learn. Mostly I just stay in the shallow end, pretending to float.

When I find a minute, I try to keep up to date on Twitter and Instagram. I’m not very good at it. As an introvert, sharing, commenting, has been difficult for me. But, I do want to keep my readers up to date. So, as hard as it is, I do make an effort.

Our family gets together every Sunday for a late lunch, indoors for winter, and poolside in summer. There are seven us: my husband and I, a son, a daughter, their spouses, and the very lively grand-daughter. Running after her does count as exercise, no? This Sunday we celebrated by inviting friends to join us for my birthday. We had a barbecue, drank maybe too much wine, and lazed by the pool.


So, that was my week. How did you spend yours? Anything interesting happening in your neck of the woods?



Deviated Time
My work in progress

2 Comments on “Journal Entry: Tempus Fugit ( Time Flies )

  1. D.L. Finn, Author

    I’m with you about summer writing there is too much distraction. Thst is one big baby…wow! Glad he is doing well. No writing for me it was vacaction time, then the grandkids for a couple of days and got to see Toy Story. Today I get back into my limited routine for the summer.
    Have a great week.

    • Looking forward to writing some myself this week. Have a great week!

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