Journal Entry: Hoping To Get More Writing Done

Journal Entry: Hoping To Get More Writing Done.

Summer is in full swing, and I find the pull to be outdoors hard to fight. So, this will be a quick post.


On writing:

I wrote a total of five hundred and twenty-two words this morning. For someone who hasn’t written in over two months, it is a major accomplishment. Let me say, it was not an easy thing. It took me close to two hours for those words. But, I will push myself to write daily from now on. Coffee Addict

And, have lots of coffee while doing it.





Personal Notes:


We’re in the middle of weddings, birthdays, and planning our trip to Italy.

For the birthdays, we celebrated my husband’s on July 1st, which is also Canada Day. We got to see some fireworks!! Then it was my cousin’s on July 3rd. We know too many Cancers, me being one of them. It seems almost everyone in our family is born June or July.

This summer we have another three weddings. Two in August, one week apart, and the big one, the one in Italy. Can’t wait for that one. It’s been eight years since we visited family there.  I’m most excited about going to Cinque Terra. Once the wedding, and family visits are done, we will take off for La Spegna, Pisa, Parma, Modena, and Bologna.

More on that will follow.

For now, I wish you all a continuing fun filled summer. Take advantage of the sun. Here in Montreal it doesn’t take long before we are back to this:

Journal Entry: Hoping To Get More Writing Done

Winter in Montreal








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