Snippet: Sudden Shock – Nia Markos

Snippet: Sudden Shock by Nia Markos

The last thing she recalled was a debilitating, torturous sensation, as though her entire body was being consumed by fire. She vaguely remembered sitting at her desk on the other side of the room. Her laptop, open on the last search page, still cast a radiant light across the desktop, displaying proof of its recent use. She had been researching something important, but in her muddled mind could not recollect what. The onset of the blistering pain had come swiftly, but was brief. Then, she had felt nothing. She must have lost consciousness. How she had ended up there, in the corner, had her mystified.

With only the moonlight entering through the window to pierce the darkness, she could just barely make out an outline of a body that was facing away from her. From where she sat, identifying who it could be was impossible. The face of the person looked away towards the front door. Whoever they were, they lay very still, unmoving. She saw no indication the person was even breathing. A dire, ominous foreboding made her press further back against the wall behind her, as if to hide within it. With her sight adjusting to the limited light in the room, her eyes fastened on the body, and an involuntary shudder coursed through her.


Snippet: Sudden ShockSudden Shock

Excerpt from Sudden Shock by Nia Markos

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