Deviated Time: Coming Soon

Tory’s attention came back to his brother when he caught his reaction over who stepped out of the castle next. Elron pulled up to his full height and pumped out his chest. Holding back a grin, Tory stared at Elron’s face, seeing him try without success to hide his emotions. Elisabet, or as everyone called her, Bet, scanned the area, her lips breaking out in a smile once they landed on Elron. Aidan’s little sister, a century and a half older than Tory, reached her maturity early. No one disputed her being the most beautiful woman on the island. A foot shorter than her brother, her sandy blond hair flowed loose, the breeze blowing strands across her face. Brushing them away, she went to take a step towards where Elron and Tory stood, but Aidan’s arm came up to block her. If she and Elron thought their relationship a well-kept secret, they fooled no one. From the way Aidan’s lips twitched at Elron’s response to Bet, even he realized their involvement. Tory liked Bet. Her inquisitive nature got her into trouble as often as his did. Elron’s irritated voice snapped Tory out of his musings.
“Go home, Tory. I will deal with you later.” Elron barked.



Coming Soon





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