Rhea: Titan and Mother of all Gods

Rhea: Titan and Mother of all Gods
Excerpt from Harmony (Book Three of the Crystal Series):

Rhea, mother of all gods, defender of the earth, watched, listened and plotted. The serene, somewhat bored expression on her exquisitely ethereal face hid the calculated, surreptitious way with which she looked forward to outsmarting her husband. Cronus, as usual, gave no thought to anyone or anything but his own importance. He presided over the proceedings, lording his position, trying to undermine all she and her daughter, Meredith, were trying to accomplish. Meredith had been barred from attending the assembly.

In fact, Rhea had no idea where Cronus held her daughter. Cronus detained her somewhere, making sure she could not influence the other gods who were present. He would not dare mistreat my daughter! Rhea tried to brush aside her worry that he might harm Meredith in any way. She knew too much of his own indiscretions, and the multitude of offspring those had spawned. Harming one of her own children would lead to direct retaliation. Rhea was not above exacting her own pointed vengeance.”


A Brief History
From GreekMythology.com

Rhea, daughter of Uranus and Gaea, was a Titan. She was the sister and wife of Cronus, also a Titan. She was responsible for the way things flow in the kingdom of Cronus (her name means ‘that which flows’).

Rhea and Cronus had six children; Hestia, Hades, Demeter, Poseidon, Hera and Zeus. Cronus, afraid that he would be overthrown by his children just like he had done with his father, decided to swallow all of them. However, he was tricked by Rhea, who managed to save Zeus from his father. RheaWhen Zeus grew up, he forced his father to disgorge his siblings and eventually overthrew him.

Although Rhea was considered the “mother of gods”, similarly to Gaea and Cybele, she did not have a strong cult and many followers. She had a temple in Crete, the place in which she hid Zeus to save from his father. In art, she started appearing in the fourth century BC; however, she was often depicted with characteristics similar to those used for Cybele, thus making the two goddesses indistinguishable. Rhea was often symbolised as a pair of lions that pulled a celestial chariot. This symbol was often placed on city gates, the best known example being that at the city of Mycenae, where two stone lions guarded the gates.


In My Novels

From my love of mythology, I had to add a trace of it in my writing. Adding Rhea to Alexa’s story came easily. In fact, it is Rhea’s daughter, Meredith, who sets the prophecy in motion.


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Rhea: Titan and Mother of all Gods




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  1. This book in on my kindle, and I hope to get to it after NaNo. Mythology is my favorite thing and forms a strong basis for my writing as well. It’s good to know another!

    • Good luck on NaNo Flossie! Thank you for picking up my book. Hope you enjoy it.

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