About Nia

Born in Montreal, Canada, to Greek parents who loved to indulge her with tales of mythology and history. Nia draws inspiration from their stories and combines them with her love of anything paranormal. The tales she tells are from the heart and personal to her.

Nia Markos

Her first novel, Elements, published in March 2017, garnered great reviews. Three books later, The Crystal Series trilogy was completed.  In 2018, she further developed, wrote, and published a new continuing series by adding new characters to the world of The Crystal Series. This new series, The Eleanor Stone Collection, has one book published under the name Sudden Shock.

Nia still lives in Montreal with her husband and can’t imagine anywhere else that she would make her home. In between traveling, reading, bingeing her favorite shows, hitting the movie theatre for anything fantasy or sci-fi, and entertaining friends and family, she continues to write.