An Introduction to Aeden – Council Member

From Sudden Shock – The Elleanor Stone Collection

Aeden is the Sidhe member of the council governing the accords set up for the peaceful coexistence of the paranormal races.

His arrival, for the most part, went unnoticed by the crowd of mixed beings busy watching the near-fight breaking out between two men. A tall man with wavy, light-brown hair was intent on keeping a vampire away from the werewolf who was snarling in anger. Placed between the two factions, the man’s arms were holding the werewolf, barring the fanged, hissing vampire any access to him. Emerald eyes pierced Breth with a suspicious look upon his arrival, before he was pulled back to keeping the peace.
Those eyes belonged to Aeden Flint, Sidhe Council member for the faerie race, and a warrior loyal to his Queen Eliana. For a Sidhe, his looks were ordinary. Ordinary in the sense that the entire Sidhe race seemed larger than life, beautiful beyond compare and possessing strength incomparable to other races. Breth was not immune to the effect Aeden projected. His hard body, sinewy muscled and corded, flexing from holding onto the werewolf, showed off his strength and grace.
“Enough!” A voice rang out loudly, echoing in the lobby.
The new arrival strode to the vampire involved in the melee, grabbed him by the scruff and pulled him away from Aeden. Laurent St. Yves, his expression incensed, took a deep breath to calm himself, although his need for air was not essential to his existence. The vampire had ceased to be alive centuries before. 

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An Introduction to Aeden - Council Member
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An Introduction to Aeden – Council Member