An Introduction to Brant Ankar

From Sudden Shock – The Elleanor Stone Collection
Brant Ankar
Billionaire and Philanthropist – Brant and Associates

Fathered by an Asgardian warrior named Aienin, Brant was born on October 29, 268 A.D. His mother was a mortal woman named Kari.
Brant had lived many lives. His present one led him to New York City. A little over a year before, he arrived in the city out of necessity. The office manager, the one he hired to run the city’s subsidiary, against his better judgment at the insistence of an old friend, lacked foresight and his mismanagement nearly ruined Brant’s reputation.
Brant maintained offices in Rome, Paris, Berlin, London, and Tokyo. Brant and Associates, a worldwide conglomerate for investigative services and legal representations, handled both human and otherworldly inquiries.
Six months after his arrival, he had smoothed everything over, and things turned a corner. In his time spent in the city, Brant discovered how much he liked it. Deciding to stay was not a difficult choice. He knew plenty of people, even some dear friends nearby.
The shock of finding Elleanor lived nearby had lessened in the months since his discovery. He had no wish to see her. Still, he could not help himself in learning as much as he could about her. Assigning one of his investigators to quietly dig into her past, the man came back with a file five inches thick. The job had been difficult, but the investigator’s persistence had paid off. Through his contacts, his man was able to put a time-line together for Brant.

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An Introduction to Brant Ankar
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An Introduction to Brant Ankar