An Introduction to Breth

 An Introduction to Breth

From Sudden Shock – The Elleanor Stone Collection
An Introduction to Breth- Council Member

Breth, the newly elected Council member representing all water elementals, was late for his first day on the job. As an undine, from the species mermen, he found existing out of the water and breathing air tiring. He had slept through his alarm that morning, only waking when the sun’s rays blinded him upon reaching his bed. Rushing to get ready had given him no opportunity to think about the job that lay ahead.
Dressed comfortably in blue jeans and a white T-shirt, he chose to walk, crossing over the Ponte Vecchio once leaving his small suite of rooms in the sixteenth century, recently restored building located by the Arno River. Florence, steeped in history and culture, should have impressed him, but his being there was out of necessity, not for taking in the many tourist sights.
Once he had settled into his job, he would have to find permanent lodgings, somewhere closer to a larger body of water. He needed to return to his natural habitat in order to replenish his energy. Breth had his eye on a property, but whether the old couple would part with it, he was unsure. Located on the shore of Lago di Bilancino, a little over forty minutes to the north of Florence, the quaint, terracotta-roofed, natural-stone beauty of a home had caught his eye and his interest. His offer to purchase it, for an exorbitant price, was still being mulled over.

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Introduction to Breth
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