An Introduction to Briana

 An Introduction to Briana

From Sudden Shock – The Elleanor Stone Collection

An Introduction to Briana – Council Member

Briana is a water elemental, newly elected to sit on the council. Her almost white hair, pale complexion, magnifies the green of her eyes.

A cold shiver raced up her spine, experiencing a hateful emotion coming from somewhere. Swinging around to where she felt it coming from, her gaze landed on Briana, standing in the doorway. The arrival of the elemental Council member threw Ella for a moment. Briana had that effect on people. It was difficult to see her as a living, breathing being. Her ethereal countenance lent itself to visions of celestial beings. Briana was a water sprite, a Naiad from the Lake Kournas area in Crete.
“I’m sorry, am I interrupting? Aeden said we were to meet here.” Her melodic voice was barely a whisper.
Seeing an out, Breth took the opportunity to make himself scarce by leaving the room, practically running out, deciding for himself he had nothing else to add. Ella let him go. She would find him again if she thought of anything else to ask him. As he passed Briana, who continued into the theater, Ella watched her face grow quizzical. Her head bent to the side, in Breth’s direction, her eyes downcast, while the fingers on her left hand moved as if strumming a guitar.
Ella knew the hand movement was indicative of Briana using her power to determine subterfuge or lies from those around her. She wondered what the woman detected to make her use her gift so openly. Whatever it was, it passed quickly. Her face cleared, a smile rose on her lips when she returned her attention to Ella.

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An Introduction to Briana
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