An Introduction to Gydion Drabek

From Sudden Shock – The Elleanor Stone Collection
Gydion Drabek – Warlock – Division Director

Gydion was born in 1952 outside Somerville Massachusetts. A warlock, commanding all four elements, he quickly rose from his position as a lead investigator to director of the Agency’s Division for Resolving Otherworldly Infractions and Transgressions.

She anxiously took in his age-lined face, all sixty-five years of him showing in the extreme strain he was under. What was once a full head of ebony, wavy hair was now speckled gray and white, thinning on top.
She knew his height of five-feet-eight inches, if he stood, would be hunched and his walk would hold a profound limp from the arthritis in his left knee. He was more than her boss. He viewed her as more than an employee. They had built a strong father-daughter relationship through the twenty some odd years since meeting. He was the main reason she had found a new purpose in life. When they had met, Ella was at her lowest, alone and with nothing to fill her loneliness. Bringing her to New York, introducing her to his world, the inner workings of his department, he had personally overseen her training and helped turn her life around.
Gydion, one of the few she trusted with her history, knew of her origins, the reason for her isolation and why she kept herself from making attachments.

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An Introduction to Gydion Drabek
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An Introduction to Gydion Drabek