An Introduction to Laurent St.Ives

 An Introduction to Laurent St.Ives

From Sudden Shock – The Elleanor Stone Collection
Vampire Council Member

Born during the waning years of Charlemagne’s reign and reborn on his twenty-sixth year, Laurent was one of the oldest vampires known to his kind.

Dressed impeccably in designer suits, favoring Brioni and Boglioli, elegance and refinement, encompassed the one-thousand-two-hundred-and-six-year-old vampire.
Gray eyes expertly concealed his emotions. He kept his sandy blond hair cropped and short. A slight afternoon shadow covered his cheeks and chin. He never shaved since his rebirth preserved him as he was at the moment of his human death. The five o’clock shadow on his face would manifest again within hours, making shaving an unnecessary task. The rugged appearance worked well on him.

Laurent’s build was typical of a man used to hard labor. His muscles were strong, well-formed, and solid. There was a coiled, bridled strength in every move he made. The brutal loss of his family, a millennium before, still defined him.

He discovered both his wife and son, upon returning home from his fields, in a scene of blood and gore. Torn apart, he only recognized them by the clothes they wore. His wife’s head lay beside her, dismembered. Her body looked like an animal clawed at her. Held in her arms, his eighteen-year-old son fared no better. Sinking to his knees, clasping them both to his chest, a howl of pain broke from him. The one responsible heard his cry, taking immense satisfaction from the heartbreaking reaction his actions provoked.

Laurent did not know of the existence of vampires. That one murdered his loved ones would never have occurred to him. As a final punishment, adding to Laurent’s burden, the vampire responsible took great pleasure in turning him into one of his kind. Dealing with his new reality took him years to accept. It took centuries to absolve his guilt and despair.

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An Introduction to Laurent St.Ives

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 An Introduction to Laurent St.Ives

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