An Introduction to Miriam Faye

From Sudden Shock – The Elleanor Stone Collection
Miriam Faye – Investigator

Miriam Faye belongs to the Sidhe race of faeries. The race, with their distinctive emerald green eyes, had been one of the first to join the Accords set up for the peaceful coexistence of the paranormal races.
Born in the year 1005, in the Scottish highlands, she is Elleanor’s closest friend. They have known each other for close to 10 years.

One of the original investigators at the Agency’s Division for Resolving Otherworldly Infractions and Transgressions, known as ADROIT, she’s been employed with the unit for four centuries.
Aside from having credentials in pathology, she holds numerous degrees in both medicine and sciences. Her inherent abilities, those she was born with, include the ability to soothe and to heal most injuries with her touch.

“Her piercing eyes rested on Ella, who could come up with no reply to dispute her statement. It indeed looked bad. Miriam resumed her examination of the body, letting her shoulder-length auburn hair drape down to cover her features. Her five-feet-ten inches of lean, sinewy muscles were folded over her knees, as her fingers stretched out across the body to collect something that had caught her eye.”

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An Introduction to Miriam Faye
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An Introduction to Miriam Faye