An Introduction to Mirin

An Introduction to Mirin

From Sudden Shock – The Elleanor Stone Collection
An Introduction to Mirin- Council Member

A lesser council member, Mirin controls the demon worlds. He excels at magic. Paranoid and suspicious, he feels the council is working against him.

Since when did Mirin keep track of other Council members and their staff? Even though Manaford was not inside the complex in any official capacity, he was a constant presence in the offices. If he left, where did he go, and for what purpose?  She would need to question Mirin. The demon always had a reason for getting involved in other people’s business. Ella had not had time to visit Mirin, to find out what he wanted to discuss with her. She had all but forgotten his request she meet with him. What he needed to discuss with her now seemed to be important. As for Manaford, Ella exchanged a look with Brant, both suspicious he was not who he appeared to be.
“Do you know where Mirin is now?” She asked Breth.
“He is indisposed. It’s his time for meditation.” Breth informed her.
Meditation meant Mirin was being attended to by his entourage. Their job was to feed him their energy, so he could maintain his human form. The ritual could take hours. Ella had no time to wait around for him to be available.

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An Introduction to Mirin
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